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Christmas in Burlington, KY in 1875

Christmas in Burlington  - 1875
Boone County Recorder
In our town the return of Christmas was greeted by ringing bells, discharging fire-arms, taking off gates and raising a general hurrah. In fact the celebration was an infant "jamobree," and had Mayor Johnson been present on the nights of the 24th and 25th, doubtless the "jamborism" would have been taken out of him and the idea of having the "jamboree" in Cincinnati abandoned. We desire not to enter into details of performances that made the first two nights in Christmas hideous, but to make a short note of the civilized celebrities, and in so doing we do not intend to "Jenkinize," for everyone knows, or ought to know, that the ladies present on each occasion were handsome, and their appearance beyond the reach of criticism. The first in order is the social gathering at Mr. R. E. Bruce's on the evening of the 27th, where quite a number of the Burlington youngsters were cordially received and entertained by Mr. B. and his estimable lady, this was followed by the dance at Mr. J. W. Duncan's. There were persons present from all points of the compass, who very liberally indulged in the evening's amusements, and especially the refreshments that were prepared for the occasion by the willing hand of Mrs. Duncan. Next to follow in the wake is the ball that was given at the Boone House. There was not a multitude in attendance, but the occasion was exceedingly enjoyable for those present. The esculent refreshments, furnished for the evening, elicited universal praise, and, to sum up, the ball was decidedly a success. The proprietors of the RECORDER, though present but a short time, tender their thanks to Mr. J. F. Blythe and lady for the especial kind treatment received.
Boone County Recorder, Vol. l, No. 16,  January  6, 1876,  p. 3, col. 1.  Note: "Jenkinize," does not appear in the dictionaries of slang, or of standard English, and may refer to the traits of some local worthy. Esculent means "edible"