Boone County Kentucky Historical Society


Welcome to the Boone County (KY) Historical Society Website!  
[Originated August 2, 2011]

There is a great amount of history in our county that has not been available to the public.  We hope to give some of our county's history a wider audience.  We also hope to attract new members to our Historical Society.

We begin by linking (in the Menu Section at the right) the books of one of Boone County's noted citizens, John Uri Lloyd, novelist and chemist [19 April 1849 – 9 April 1936].  These books are digitized by Google and may be viewed, or downloaded for future reading.  

Professor A. M. Yealey's History of Boone County has 45 short and interesting essays about the early years of the county.

Please bookmark our site; come back and visit as we will be adding information periodically. 



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Betsy Conrad is President of the History Society;  Michael Rouse is Vice-President; Pat Yanarella is Secretary and Steve Conrad is Treasurer.  Virginia Lainhart, Katie Presnell and Betty Poole are the other Board Members.