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Big Bone Springs Mineral Water Company, 1916

Big Bone Springs Mineral Water Co.
With a Capital Stock of $10,000.
Boone County Recorder 6 Jan 1916, p. 1
The Big Bone Springs Water Co., the incorporation of which the Recorder had only time to make mention last week, is now ready for business which is the buying, selling, and bottling and dealing generally in spring waters and other waters. The company is authorized to buy, rent, or lease such real estate as may be desired for its business. The incorporators are Wm. B. O’Neal, of Covington, and Edward H. Thompson and Joseph Segmeister of Cincinnati. The incorporation began business January 1, 1916, and will continue 50 years. The capital stock is $10,000 divided into 100 shares, the par value of a share being $100.
This company believes it will be able to build up a good business handling the famous Big Bone water, besides bringing Big Bone to the front as a health resort in attempting which it expects to invest considerable money in the improvement of the springs and providing up-to-date accommodations for those who desire to remain there any length of time. To accomplish what the incorporation desires will require considerable money and if it is accomplished it will be a blessing to the Big Bone neighborhood. One disadvantage under which the company now labors is the lack of a good road from either Walton or Richwood to the springs, but it is believed that this handicap will be removed in the next few years at least. Big Bone Springs should have been a big resort many years ago, but its unfortunate location, which, with good roads, will no longer be a drawback because of the motor car.

Typed by Kristina Satek
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