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John Hunt Morgan's Visit to Boone County, KY

John Hunt Morgan Visits Boone County, 1863
Letter of L. H. Voshell, 9 Sep 1901

Note: This letter may not seem very important; but it serves to date and authenticate Perry Corbin's letter, which is not dated. It also offers the opinion of Dr. Voshell that it is this account that is more accurate than the narrative of R. G. Adams. Dr. Voshell was a well-known figure in Union. He delivered many of the babies born there. He served as school superintendant, and was one of the county's more prominent citizens. He was acquainted with John Uri Lloyd, and it was to him Lloyd turned when he wanted to find out more about Morgan's route through the area.

Union, Ky Sept 9th 1901
Mr. John Uri Lloyd:
Dear Sir: I enclose you a letter from Perry Corbin together with his picture. The letter will explain itself. Please return the picture as the family prize it highly. I think this letter is absolutely reliable if it does differ from statements from R. G. Adams.
With kind regards to you and wife
I am Respectfully
L. H. Voshell
P. S. Just as I finished the above a man by the name of Malchus Souther from Hebron came to my house. He says old Billy McGlasson pilotted Morgan from Ludlow to Florence. And says a letter addressed to B. F. McGlasson at Ludlow will get important facts.
L. H. V.

This Letter was forwarded to John Uri Lloyd by Dr. Voshell.

Typed and edited by James Duvall, M. A.
From Original Letter, Lloyd Library, Cincinnati, OH, Box 45

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