Boone County Kentucky Historical Society

John Uri Lloyd's Books On-Line

Stringtown on the Pike, (A Tale of Northernmost Kentucky),  1900.
Etidorhpa; or, The End of the Earth: The Strange History of a Mysterious Being, Eleventh Edition, 1901.
Warwick of the Knobs: A Story of Stringtown County, Kentucky,  1901.
Red Head 1903.
Scroggins, 1904.
The Right Side of the Car,  1897.
Drugs and Medicines of North America: A publication devoted to the ...,  By John Uri Lloyd, & Curtis Gates Lloyd.
Elixirs and Flavoring Extracts: their History, Formulae, and Methods of ...,1910.
“Collection of Reprints by John Uri Lloyd from the Western Druggist,"  Issues 1-9
   John Uri Lloyd also wrote the following books that are not yet available On-Line:
Felix Moses: The Beloved Jew of Springtown on the Pike, 1930, 428 pages.
    A Portrait of Felix Moses: felix.moses.jul.bmp
Our Willie: A Folklore Story of the Gunpowder Creek and Hills, Boone County, Kentucky, 1934, 375 pages.